Wooden Chess Set for People with Sight Impairments

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Designed specially for players who have sight impairments, the unique board has raised squares so that it is easy for the players to tell which squares are black and which are white. It sports pieces that work well for people who are blind or those with very limited vision by introducing pegs on each of the black pieces. This simple change allows the players to feel for the right color and moving appropriately. The 18" square chess board with 2" squares and large 3.75" Timeless model pieces make it very tactile. The pieces stay in place well with pegs on the base of each piece that fit all 64 squares and keep the pieces steady and in place.


  • King height: 4 1/8" (black) 3 3/4" white
  • Board size: 15 7/8
  • Square size: 2"
  • Set weight: 70 oz.

The Wooden Chess Set for People with Sight Impairments can be found at ChessHouse.com

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