Summerville Hand Crafted Chess Boards

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With a goal of producing the finest solid hardwood chessboards in the world, Andrew Summerville embarked on the task of creating a full line of boards from exotic hardwoods that were currently being used in the market. After months of painstaking trials, uncontrollable warping and cracking, and losses in the tens of thousands of dollars, exotic hardwoods were categorically rejected due to their unpredictable nature, stemming from unknown harvesting and curing methods.

Summerville adopted high-grade American walnut as his preferred construction material due to the control offered by American industry standards... matching the premium walnut with similar grades of tiger maple and white ash concluded the materials phase of research. As a nationally acclaimed design engineer, and with a solid history in process development, Summerville developed an exquisite family of world class chessboards, supported by a process that guarantees uniformity and consistency.

Designs are exquisite and balanced, a product of nationally acclaimed design engineering. Manufacturing technology is second to none, producing precision, quality, and consistency unparalleled. Finishes are a result of hours of progressive sanding and hand-rubbing natural oils into the wood grain, topped with a natural hand-rubbed wax finish. The surface is rich and non-glaring, designed for the most discriminating chess players.

Truly for those that demand the finest in solid hardwood chess boards.

  • Heirloom Quality Chessboards
  • Heavy, Raised Quarter-Sawn Playing Surfaces
  • Solid Premium Grade Hardwoods - No Veneers
  • Unsurpassed Precision and Quality
  • Exquisite Product Design

Summerville and other great boards can be found at

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