Garden Size Isle of Lewis

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I believe this is the first available Garden Statuary Lewis Chess Set created in "Middle Earth" (aka U.S.A.). There is something very special and intriguing about these Comical Expressions perhaps the Simpsons of their era that have come down through the ages. The instant appeal for young children to want to play with these figures without knowing the game of Chess makes this an excellent introduction to the game. I have witnessed this many times with my own grandchildren and the children of my neighbors and friends.

Schools, Chess Clubs or Youth Organizations may be interested in workshops that offer skills that you can learn with group participation in producing Lewis Chess Sets for your community.

The Chess Board Molds I have created are 12 inches by 12 inches by 2 inches thick as shown below.  The finish size of the Chess Board is 8 feet squared this is an excellent size in relation to the Lewis Chess Set to maneuver on the board. The total number of squares for a board is 64, depending on how many molds acquired would determine the time to make a Chess Board; on the other hand, a easy and cost effective solution is to create a Chess Board from flagstone, a concrete slab with paint or etchings or be creative and make something totally unique. I would appreciate photos of your custom Chess Boards that you would be willing to share (Check out our CHESS GALLERY).  I look forward to your inquiries or comments.

Sincerely, Michael John

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