Redding Custom Concrete Chess Tables

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Ron Black is a creative mastermind recycling glass, granite, and marble with a creative purpose. The result is amazing chess tables and furnishings, bringing out the beauty and helping the environment at the same time. Ron's tables are ideal for B&Bs, high end homes, and a host of other purposes such as a grand prize. Every finished table surface is a unique work of art, measuring 24" square and 2" depth. The fiber reinforced unique cement formula is a mix so strong that 8-15000 lbs instead of the normal 5000 PSI could be applied. Glass, granite, and marble that would otherwise be discarded is saved by various outlets that are more than happy to see the material put to work. Ron and Connie sort, clean, and break the glass and then incorporate it into a special concrete mix. Ron can be creative with each table. For example one has nine cobalt blue droplets. He can crush the glass into sand as well as color the Portland cement. Chess table surfaces are one of his creative projects. Granite and marble squares are surrounded by a creative mix of recycled glass and Portland cement.

The design process for each table includes precisely crafting the mold, customizing the cement color mixture, glass and granite selection. A pour sits overnight and the moisture is carefully controlled. Each square purposely has 1/2" spacing to allow them to settle and avoid air pockets. The 7 step grinding and polishing process ranges from 50 grit wet grinding to 3000 grit wet polishing for a beautiful finish. It is finally sealed with multiple coats of hand applied Sikagard concrete sealer. Cold and heat are fine. Locally temperatures swing from 18 F to well over 100 F.

For 15 years Ron was a contractor in Mendocino, CA. When the economy became sluggish after 2008, he put his skills to work on something more creative. Speaking on his tables, "The things are green and they are built to outlast us!" says Ron. Customers are creative with the way they display the table surfaces. Each one is 90-95 pounds so it's important for safety that if its on a table it has four legs and not three.

A note from Ron about customizing - Each table is a unique,handmade, true original, no two are the same. Tabletops are made with white or gray cement, and you can provide a pigment color. Keep in mind an exact color match is not guaranteed due to the many variables involved with concrete, but we are skilled & experienced in providing a quality product beyond your expectation.

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