Geoffrey Parker's Silver Jubilee Edition Chess Set

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Geoffrey Parker, manufacturer of many an expensive game set including a $387,890 Backgammon board and a $7.5 million poker set, now has a chess set for sale worth over $75,000!

This set design has become something of a classic when it won the prestigious Design Council Award in London out of the two sets what were created to ccommemorate Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee in the 1960's.

Approved by the United States Chess Federation, the Geoffrey Parker Silver Jubilee Chessboard is up for grabs in sterling silver, sterling silver-gilt, solid gold and even aluminum and black carbon graphite plated brass alternates. Twinned with inlays of leather, this design was a definite reflection of its time and now evokes the Sevnties kitsch and Jason King glamour. Open to personalization and also available in Dauphin calf colors, this could be a good bet provided you're a true game enthusiast. Game on?

The chess set pictured is plated in 3 micron 18ct gold on top of the Sterling silver, the Silver Jubilee set uniquely bore the special Silver Jubilee hall mark that only precious metal pieces made during the year of HM The Queen"s Jubilee were allowed to carry.

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