South Dakota Native American Inspired Set

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Terry, the designer of this unique chess set, lives in South Dakota, rich in Native American history. He says,

"I was visiting a friend and noticed a few chess boards around. I asked my friend if he would teach me how to play the game. As we played I realized what a great game it was. I also noticed my friend and his wife had a lot of small native statues and thought how great it would look if they were part
of a chess board."

"When I returned home I started sculpting a couple of pieces. Then it occurred to me, how should they really look? So I began to learn as much as I could about the native culture, from books, talking to the people, witnessing their dress, dance and song at a Pow Wow, also checking out native artist's work including bead work, traditional music instruments and seeing pipes being craved from pipe stone. I also researched what various symbols meant from many different tribes. These symbols are included in the
perimeter of the board and arranged to tell a story."

"This chess set is a collection of many different native cultures and symbols that I thought were visually appealing. Combining art with a useable item and was my interpretation of what I had learned about the beautiful Native American culture."

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